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New Zealand gun law is covered by the Arms Act 1983 and the Arms Regulations 1992. To own a firearm, a person must obtain a firearms license. These are issued by the police and enable holders to own and use sporting rifles, shotguns and ammunition. To obtain a license, applicants must pass a test on 'safe and responsible firearms use, ownership, and storage'. They must also be a 'fit and proper person' to hold a license, based on a background check, and the license may be revoked for a variety of reasons. A special license is required by dealers, collectors, pistol club members, and owners of certain semi-automatic firearms. Less than 3% of all firearms owners have such endorsements and they must comply with much more stringent conditions than sporting firearms license holders. When not in use firearms must be locked in a secure rack and cabinet.

For further information ask the Arms Officer at your local Police Station or go to their website http://www.police.govt.nz/service/firearms/index.html

Please download and read the Arms Code or get one from your local Police Station.




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