Hello,  I'm Gordon MacPhee of MacPhee Engineering .    I completed my apprenticeship as a blacksmith in Marton with A.H.Dales and established MacPhee Engineering in 1965.   Since then MacPhee Engineering have been producing challenging engineering products that have added value to our clients needs.  MacPhee Engineering is a typical kiwi company, loyal to a fault, innovative, versatile and very self sufficient.     

The present MacPhee Engineering premises were established in 1968 and have been extended several times.  The workshop now covers  7000 Sq Ft.    There is  adjacent land for truck parking, bulk storage of materials and sand blasting.    My residence is on the property and this facilitates the carrying out of urgent after hours work if required.   I hold the following licenses:  Goods Service, Heavy Traffic, Dangerous Goods, Private Pilot, Firearms.

My permanent staff consist of myself and 1 labourer.  Other labour is brought on as required.   My role mainly involves construction and manufacturing supervision,  plan drawing, liaison with my consulting engineer, employing sub-contractors if required, pricing, quoting and charging.    My wife, Marion provides the clerical services required for the business.  

MacPhee Engineering is located in the Rangitikei's rural district on State Highway One, 53 kms from Palmerston North, 52 Kms from Wanganui and 17 Kms from Marton.  The location means lower overheads plus convenience for incoming materials and outgoing products.

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